Please do us the pleasure of watching this short video.

Here are some details: 

We are getting married!! We know it's crazy! With all of this happening so fast we only gave ourselves a month to plan the wedding. Unfortunately, this has made it impossible for us to invite all of our loved ones around the globe. So we've decided to broadcast the ceremony live from Hayward, CA on Saturday, September 27th.

The ceremony starts at 5pm (PST) and can be watched right here on this page (in the black rectangle just below). 

We're also having a baby in February 2015! If you'd like to send well wishes, little notes, or parenting/marriage advice as we embark on this amazing journey, please do so at michaelandsarawedding@gmail.com. Speaking of journeys... we are planning a short honeymoon to Hawaii in December. Any contributions in lieu of wedding gifts would be greatly appreciated: honeyfund.com/michaelsara

We wanted to share this news with you all in person or over the phone, but since it's happening so fast, this was the best way we could up with.

Please send us emails, Facebook messages, or give us a call if you have any questions. This is huge news, and we're still wrapping our heads around it too.